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Empowering Confidence and Quality
in Equine Ultrasound

Adding value to equine imaging and diagnosis

Samsung ultrasound systems for equine offer superb image quality, advanced diagnostic features, ease of use, and portability.
Whether you are focusing on MSK, cardiac, abdomen, or reproduction, our ultrasound systems are specifically designed for an equine veterinarian
who needs to deliver a fast and accurate diagnosis. The equine dedicated ultrasound systems are developed to withstand daily use so that veterinarians
can focus on the exam more efficiently and effectively.

Sophisticated 2D and color image processing

Reduce noise to improve
2D image quality

ClearVision is a noise reduction filter that enhances the edge contrast and creates sharp 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. In addition, it provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.

Provide uniform imaging
performance of overall image area

S-Harmonic™ mitigates the signal noise, enhances contrast, and provides uniform image performance of the overall image area from near-to-far.

Examine peripheral vessels with
directional Power Doppler

S-Flow™, a directional Power Doppler imaging technology, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when the blood flow examination is especially difficult.

Enriched features & interventional solutions

Display needle tip clearly

NeedleMate+™ delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks. Improved accuracy and efficiency in the procedure are possible with beam steering added to NeedleMate+™.

Display in extended field-of-view

Panoramic+ imaging displays as an extended field-of-view so users can examine wide areas that do not fit into one image as a single image. Panoramic+ imaging also supports angular scanning from linear transducer data acquisition.

Improved workflow efficiency

Build predefined protocols for
streamlined process

EzExam+™ enables you to build or use a predefined protocol, and assign protocols for examinations that are regularly performed in the hospital in order to reduce the number of steps that you have to go through.

Select transducer and preset
combinations in one click

QuickPreset allows the user to select the most common transducer and preset combinations in one click.

Ultrasound Examination of Equine Neck

Dr. Philippe Benoit introduces how to examine Equine neck with V8 premium ultrasound system. Musculoskeletal structures
in cervical area are clearly examined with high-quality images of V8.

  • Dr. Philippe Benoit, DVM, DACVSMR
    Consultant Médecine Sportive Equine
    PHB Consulting LLC
  • 16:38

* An V8 system is operated for Equine MSK examinations

Related Products

Mobile Excellence

The HM70 EVO is a high-performance hand-carried ultrasound system combining streamlined workflow, durability, and high resolution imaging that can be used in a variety of clinical situations.

Dedicated transducers for equine

Linear array transducers

  • LA2-9R Vet
  • LN5-12
  • LA3-16AD
  • LS6-15ᵃ

Curved array transducers

  • CA1-7AD
  • CA2-8AD
  • CA4-10M

Phased array transducers

  • PN2-4

Secure your care

Samsung healthcare cybersecurity

Bringing peace of mind to your hospital and patients

To address the emerging need for cybersecurity, Samsung provides a solution to support our customers by offering the tools to protect against cyberthreats that may compromise invaluable patient data and ultimately degrade the quality of care. Samsung’s Cybersecurity Solution strives to abide by the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) and takes a comprehensive approach to providing impeccable protection with the following pillars: Intrusion prevention, Access control, and Data protection.

  • Intrusion prevention

    Tools for protecting against cyber threats from external attacks

    • Security tools include Anti-virus & Firewall
    • Secured operating system
  • Access control

    Strengthened surveillance for tracking the access of patient information

    • Account management
    • Enhanced audit trail
  • Data protection

    Encryption functions for safeguarding data whether at-rest or in-transit

    • Data protection
    • Transmission security
  • The products, features, options, and transducers may not be commercially available in some countries.
  • Sales and Shipments are effective only after the approval by the regulatory affairs. Please contact your local sales representative for further details.
  • This product is a veterinary medical device, please read the user manual carefully before use.
  • 1.Optional feature which may require additional purchase.
  • a.Transducer only supported for the HS40 ultrasound system.

The described product information, including features and options, is CE marked. Regulatory approval/clearance status may vary by country. CE 0123