Ultrasound System
SonoVet R3
Efficient and comfortable design

The intuitive control interface features a full keyboard and large, backlit keys for all major functions. A custom cart featuring probe holders and plenty of mounting room for peripherals is also available.

Full-featured digital imaging

The SonoVet R3 is a full-featured portable digital color ultrasound system with virtually all the imaging capabilities of a cart-based system.

Full-featured digital imaging

Harmonic imaging

Harmonic Imaging is a technique that records higher frequency information, resulting in greater resolution and fewer artifacts.

Enhanced DPDI  Sample
FSI (Full Spectrum Imaging)

FSI™ uses the entire radio frequency range and a customized probe to produce more comprehensive and reliable images. This technology can also be applied to harmonic imaging to provide clinics with a more flexible range of diagnostic tools.

FSI™  (Full Spectrum Imaging) Sample
  • Increase efficiency

  • Faster and more accuracy for diagnoses.

  • Great flexibility


QuickScan™ has been designed to maximize workflow efficiency by automatically optimizing key imaging parameters at the touch of a button.

Body marker function for Veterinary practices

This function can be useful when the diagnosis area is either differentiated or displayed, and add value to the overall accuracy of the scan being produced. Body Markers can be selected and controlled via an easily accessible series of settings, giving users greater flexibility.

Convenient working environment

Slim and Compact design Sample Slim and Compact design Sample
Slim and Compact design

The compact design of SonoVet R3 combines Full-Featured Workflow with functional key groupings, together with a thumbnail menu and shortcut for increased efficiency. The user-friendly design incorporates a wide-view 15-inch LCD monitor with a customisable measurement package and body markers.

  • Ergonomic handle in front panel

  • 15-inch LED monitor

  • Lightweight

Slim and Compact design Sample Slim and Compact design Sample

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